PUBG Mobile India- Latest News-

PUBG Mobile India launch new update different from, know what will change-

PUBG Mobile India, PUBG is going to return to India soon. This popular Royal Battle game is making a comeback in the Indian market after being ban for security reasons in September.

PUBG Changes-

PUBG Corporation is saying the PUBG mobile India will be introduce by making some changes to suit India as compare to .Many peoples are waiting for new PUBG Mobile India.

Security and Healthy Gameplay-

In this new game, Indian players will get security and healthy gameplay. This means the new game  Global version will be somewhat different from PUBG Mobile. Let us tell you how will be different from PUBG Mobile.

Different Names-

Global version and Indian version will have different names. The global version comes under the name PUBG Mobile, while in India it will now be introduce under the name.

Players privacy and security company in India-

The logo of the Indian version is also new. The top priority of the players’ privacy and security company in India. The company is starting the new game will increase the data security of its users and will follow local rules.

Gameplay will also be different-

The developers have reveal some of the gameplay. This game is specially design for the Indian market. This new game will come with Indian-specific features, including no bloodshed and other changes including a fully dress character.

 Player ID will remain intact-

According to reports, the developers have confirm will be different from the global version of the game. However, the player ID will be retained.

Transferring Versions-

The developers have the Player ID can be transfer from the global version of PUBG Mobile to the Indian version.

PUBG Mobile India- Latest News



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