Covid- 19 Latest Update-

Covid- 19 Latest Update-

Covid- 19 virus can survive on phone screen for 28 days-

Smartphones are one of the most used gadgets for everyone. Given how many surfaces and body parts a smartphone touches within a day, it also makes a smartphone the most exposed gadget to germs and viruses.

Given the spread of the novel coronavirus or the COVID-19 disease. There have been concerns about smartphones being exposed to the virus as well.

Some of the major concerns are – how likely is it for a person to catch the virus from their smartphone, or how long does coronavirus stay on a smartphone.

In order to calculate the risk factor we have to see how long the novel coronavirus can stay on a smartphone surface.

According to WHO World Health Organization- Covid- 19-

Now, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) study, the original SARS-Corona virus which was found in 2003 was stable on a glass surface for up to 96 hours (four days).

Apart from glass, it lasted on hard plastic and stainless steel for about 72 hours (three days), the WHO study says.

Now, a recent study from the United States’ National Institutes of Health finds that the current novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) can live on surfaces. Like steel and hard plastic for about 72 hours (three days), same as the SARS- Corona virus.

The study also said that the novel coronavirus can last on a cardboard surface for about 24 hours, and about 4 hours on copper.

Now, since the new NIH study did not factor in how long the virus stays on glass and other factors do point at similar results as the previous SARS coronavirus.

WHO study of 2003- Covid- 19-

Hence, from the WHO study of 2003 and the NIH study from this month, it can be assumed that the novel coronavirus can stay on glass for up to 96 hours (four days).

And since almost all smartphones come with a glass panel up front, it can be said that the coronavirus can stay on a smartphone for up to four days.

Not just smartphones, this applies to any gadget with a glass surface – be it a smartphone, a smartwatch, a tablet, or a laptop.

How many times you touch your smartphone? Covid- 19!

According to a research people touch their phone 2600 times in a one day, so be careful do not touch your phone several times if you are outside of your home.

Don’t direct put sanitizer at your phone it may cause your phone like display gone or not starting.

Take a cotton or a tissue paper and then put sanitizer on it and then apply to your smartphone.

Because safety from Covid-19 is important many people die due to this Covid-19 virus. So be safe and if your work is not more important never go outside. If you are going outside go with precaution carry face shield, mask, sanitizer and gloves also. Regularly sanitize yourself, these all activities will safe you from Covid-19 rubbish virus.

Covid-19 on 20 degree clecius-

The scientists found that at 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit), SARS-CoV-2 was extremely strong on smooth surfaces like mobile phone.

  • Screens surviving for 28 days on glass, steel and plastic banknotes.
  • In smartphones their is also one feature that will protect you from Covid- 19.
  • When your phone is heat their is not any type of virus in your phone screen,
  • But safety is very necessary now a days so please take precautions.

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