Business News 2020- APPLE COMPANY


Business News 2020- APPLE COMPANY is an American technology company founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976. Incorporated in 1977, the company was one of the early manufacturers of personal computing devices with graphical user interface. Over the years, the company also assault into other consumer electronics segments like mobile communication devices, digital music players, notebooks, and wearables. The company also develops and markets a range of related software and services, accessories, and networking solutions. Currently, the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Timothy Donald Cook, commonly known as Tim Cook.

Products of Apple-

From smart wearables to digital content streaming platforms, Apple offers a wide range of products and services within a closed ecosystem. Its products include iMac desktops, MacBook notebooks, iPhone mobile devices, iPad tablets, iPod digital multimedia devices, Apple Watch and Apple TV. The services include iOS operating system for mobile devices, macOS operating system for notebooks and desktops, iCloud online storage, tvOS operating system for Apple TV, watchOS operating system for Apple Watch, iTunes for digital content services, Apple Pay digital payment service, Apple Music for online multimedia streaming, and Apple News.

Forefront of Innovation of Business

Business News 2020, Apple has known to be on the forefront of innovation. The company was among the first to develop an app-based ecosystem for smartphones. It was the first smartphone maker to introduce touchID — a fingerprint scanner module to unlock a device — and use 64-bit processors, both of which later also adopted by most other smartphone manufacturers.


Apple’s services have so far been exclusive to its own products. However, in March 2019, the company announced that its subscription-based TV Plus service will be available as an app on televisions from other brands, too. This is for the first time that Apple has enabled its ecosystem service to work on products from other brands, and more announcements of similar nature are expected in future.

Latest News of Apple Company which is very valuable for upcoming business and beneficial for business mans also

Business News 2020, Apple is assured to open an online store for the first time in the fast growing smartphone market of India next month, according to a person with knowledge of the matter, taking advantage of a relaxation of once-strict prohibitions against foreign direct retail. There is a very big profit to the growth of income and business because chance came only for once so be ready for the new generation business of apple products and manufacturers in India to the step of next month.

Apple makes flasgship IPHONE 11 Foxconn plant in INDIA-

Business News 2020, Apple has started making its flagship iPhone 11 at the Foxconn plant near Chennai, the first time it’s manufactured a top-of-the-line model in the country, marking a boost for the government’s Make in India initiative.Apple makes flagship iPhone 11 at Foxconn plant in India.

The ‘i’ in iPhone 11 now stands for India-made: Apple for the first time makes a top-of-the-line model in the country

The company hasn’t cut prices as it also sells iPhone 11 handsets made in China in India but industry executives said that could be an option later on. Local production saves Apple 22% import duty.

Coronavirus impact: Apple India shuts down sales offices and map development centre

Business News 2020- APPLE COMPANY

Business News 2020, As per two industry executives aware of the plans, over 5,000 four employees and associates of Apple in India will be largely working from home. Apple has four sales offices in India located at Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Gurgaon.

Apple to open its main manufacturer store in India next year-
Speaking to investors at the annual shareholder meeting at Apple Park in Cupertino, California on Wednesday, Cook confirmed the company will open its first offline retail outlet in the world’s second biggest smartphone in market next year.

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Apple’s effort to unlock the market potential of India are about to realize real benefits

Business News 2020, India’s market protectiveness has been a big problem for Apple until relatively recently. Apple has worked closely with government agencies to try to find ways through these economic challenges.
It has invested in a major development hub at which it developed many of the huge improvements in Maps it is currently rolling out. It is manufacturing iphones in the country, and recently supported the launch of a major Apple premium seller in Mumbai,India (the first of several planned openings, including in Bangalore and Delhi).
Business News 2020, The reseller is offering a deeply Apple-like store experience, which provides the approximately 18 million people who live in Mumbai a chance to try the Apple products they’ve been reading about.


Business News 2020- APPLE COMPANY

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